Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Music Review

My name is Brian and I am a huge music fan! I play the drums in a rock band and have a lot of experience playing shows! This Blog is all about music! I might be a little partial to drums so please bear with me.

Did you ever notice that the music on the radio these days is really bad! there is no snap to these radio bands anymore. I guess thats what you get when you put a band together with money, instead of talent.
Anyways, a few of my influences when I was a kid(back in early 90's) was of course one of the best produced and greatest sounding albums of all time, Metallica, And Justice for All. R.I.P. old Metallica! Also Sepultura, Arise and all Napalm Death. After that phase I really enjoyed Chili Peppers and lot of 90's punk(and some 80's punk too but lets face it, if you like talented bands then your gonna like 90's punk better).
Also I was pretty heavy into Death Metal bands as well. Death was one of my favorites for a while, as well as Obituary, and Suffocation( I seen a Suffocation shirt in Hot Topic at the Mall a few days ago and laughed my ass off). And to top them all with the best vocals and the only tatoo I have(drum roll)...Glen Danzig and the Misfits! (real suprise there ;P).
Anyways that brings us to now. Who is good now? you ask. Well there are a few good ones. Of course everyone knows the Blazing guitars of Dragonforce, and the pounding beats of Slipknot, but there are better out there today.
One band that has been one of my favorites for 4 or 5 years now is Coheed and Cambria. Excellent solid drummers(plural because I'm including the new one as well)awesome guitar licks, and some of the greatest vocals today. Not to mention the really cool sci-fi story encompassing all their work. I've seen them a few times and their stage show is mindblowing!
Another awesome band with really cool vocals(kinda Glassjaw 'esque) is 36 Crazy Fists. They are wired tight. The hooks of this band and the arrangements are stellar. Solid everything! A must listen for anyone who loves vocals that can really make you feel the moment!
A new band I've been listening to kinda took me by suprise. Devil Wears Prada. At first I thought " is this a chick band", until the CD went in the tray. After i wiped my brains off the windshield, I WAS HOOKED! They are so epic it hurts. The vocals are a little death metal but the singing parts are in a cool high pitched voice that adds to the epicness of the CD. But what really did it for me is the drums. This drummer is insane. Move over Joey Jordison(ok maybe not Joey but whoever is next in line). This drummer can do stuff with his feet that most good drummers can't do with their hands. The super tight chugs on the guitar make it sound OO...soo delicious. If you like Jumping Jams then buy this one for sure.
Well thats all for now, I will write more later.